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12 Jan 2018

  • Fixed problem where oldest post may not show up.

  • Fixed problem where message area below didn't have enough room for tumblr's captha, if required.

  • Also note if you have two dashes in a row in your URL and use IOS 11 you have to go to:

    Settings -> General -> Keyboard and then turn off Smart Punctuation.

    Apple, in their infinite wisdom, figures "anyone who types two dashes must really want one long dash" which is not what you typed and is now wrong.

    That new "feature" makes other things fail too - everyone should turn it off.
This is a dual purpose utility.

It will check how many posts you've made since since the last post-limit reset.

It will then tell you how many you have left, and how long until that number resets again.

Note: If you've deleted any posts today, answered asks, or posted to any sideblogs you have fewer left than shown!

For details, see limitations.

2. It also gives you a bunch of information about anyone's blog you're curious about.

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