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30 January 2016

New feature: Will now show a blog's "header image" as well as its avatar. But because of idiosyncrasies in the way tumblr supplies information and other factors, this will only work about 60% of the time in the current implementation - the remaining times it will display "not retrieved" instead. I'll explain this further in a separate post soon.

24 January 2016

The site will no longer display the avatar of a blog flagged as NSFW. Additionally, any links to the blog will not be clickable. Sorry for the inconvenience, but it seems Google (AdSense) has strict policies about adult material, even if it's just a link or retrieved avatar.

17 January 2016

Updated site to recognize when a blog "doesn't exist" because the owner unchecked "Allow logged-out users to see this blog" (vs. one that really doesn't exist). Read more about this misleading tumblr setting here.
This is a dual purpose utility.

It will check how many posts you've made since since the last post-limit reset.

It will then tell you how many you have left, and how long until that number resets again.

Note: If you've deleted any posts today, answered asks, or posted to any sideblogs you have fewer left than shown!

For details, see limitations.

2. It also gives you a bunch of information about anyone's blog you're curious about.

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